Go Ahead And Get Wild In Leopard Prints

Do you think that the animal print trend is over? Well far from it.  Animal print continues its reign of the fashion jungle this year, and from the looks that dominated the runway resort shows, it seems certain to continue trending for some time to come.  If there is one stylish craze that is going to carry over from 2019 into this year and beyond, it is the leopard print fashion trend.  Actually, the leopard print has been around for like forever and it suddenly made its resurgence in the past year with the rise of the general animal print trend.

Literally, everything from bags, shoes, shirts, dresses, pants, shirts, scrunchies, nails that went down during the spring and fall runways in 2019 were covered with leopard and it is one of the easiest patterns and color combinations to style.  Whatever the style, 2020 is the perfect time to try out a head-to-toe leopard look, channeling a chic and feminine vibe with an unmistakably untamed roar.

White Leopard Button Design Halter Long Sleeves Blouse

Match your leopard print with anything black and you have got yourself a cohesive look.

Brown Leopard Pants With Belt

Leopard print pants look especially cool with a black tee and a pair of heels.

Another way to rock the trend is to simply wear it all over. After all, if each piece creates a powerful feeling and aura of fierce authority, this effect can only get stronger if the look is all you have on. In such a case, rocking it as a statement piece from head-to-toe in this flawless asymmetrical dress is pretty wild.

Here is another fun way to spice up your animal look below.  Pair this sexy animal print dress with thigh-length boots. An ideal piece to dress up that would be super comfy to wear no matter how you style it.

Always remember that there is no such thing as too much leopard print.  Time to start embracing your wild side.

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