Happy 2020 Everyone

With just a blink of an eye, we are on the 2nd day of 2020 already.  The days after Christmas seemed to whizz by so quickly.    We did not do anything to celebrate the New Year.  As a matter of fact, we went to bed at 10.30pm and did not even do any countdown.  Too old for that kinda stuff now.  Also because we wanted to go hiking at the Taman Tugu Forest Trail on the first day of 2020 so we have to wake up early and reach there before 8am.   Trying to have a healthy start on the first day of 2020 *chuckle*.

We always buy our morning coffee from the  @2gocoffeekl truck which is parked just at the entrance of Taman Tugu.

The three of us after our hike.

There are only 3 more weeks till the Chinese New Year.  I have not prepared anything yet to usher in the Year of the Rat.  Not in the mood to do anything at all this year although I have bought a few new clothes for missy.   Hope to get my mojo back soon.

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