Insta-worthy Places You Must Visit In Sekinchan

I got to know many amazing moms through blogging and we all used to blog hop to each other’s blogs when our kids were toddlers to read about our kids and parenting adventures.  Even though most of them don’t blog anymore, all of us are connected on Facebook and we become close friends.  We even meet once in a while to celebrate our birthdays or just to have dinner to catch up.  So last Saturday, they organized a road trip to Sekinchan to celebrate my big birthday.  Big means I am turning ‘a new decade-old’.

So we left KL at 8am and arrived in Sekinchan at about 9.30am.  First stop was Redang Beach.   We were so glad that we chose last Saturday to go to Sekinchan because it was just after the long school holidays and not many people travelled to this town.  We literally got the whole beach to ourselves!

The colourful Wishing Tree on Redang Beach.  It is a nice backdrop for photos.

Check out the beach.  There is nobody there! How awesome right?

We made a few other shopping stops before we come to the last one which is one of the attractions in Sekinchan.  It is the N16 Cafe, a cafe inside a bus that is on top of a container.  Quirky?

We all ordered ice black coffee and ice tea drinks.  Their drinks come in tequila bottles type and serve in a bucket of ice.

We took lots of photos inside the bus and also laughed nonstop. As you can see, there were only us in the bus after a while as our loud laughter must have driven the other guests away *chuckle*

This is the view of the padi field across the street from Cafe 16. It is very beautiful.

So if you are heading to Sekinchan, don’t forget to check out these Instagram-worthy places and take some nice photos as a remembrance.  Will post more about my road trip to Sekinchan later.

Jalan Tali Air 4, Tanjong Karang, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor

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