Trendy Tops You Need In 2020

Fashion trends come and go and as we welcome the new year, new designs are on the rise and some older styles are becoming popular again.  If you are looking to get a head start on trends for the New Year, you may want to pay attention to exactly what influencers are wearing right now.  Scroll down to read more of the fashion-forward looks that are sure to define fashion.

Stripes Will Probably Be Everywhere

Both horizontal and vertical stripes were visible in 2019 and will continue to be popular in 2020.  Vertical lines, in particular, will be big because they look great in photos and flatter just about any body type.

Puff Sleeves For Days

The puff-sleeve trend has been growing for the past few seasons and it seems to continue to have an interesting appearance on the runway.  You can expect to see even more types of puffed sleeves, from structured designs to whimsical sheer ones in 2020.

Retro Prints

With outfits featuring oversize florals and psychedelic colors, ’60s and ’70s prints are back in full force for spring and summer 2020. Designers are serving up cute clothing with vintage vibes that reminiscent of your grandma’s wallpaper.

Crocheted Pieces

Crochet is getting a cool update this year. Think ultra-feminine tops that feel modern with a special touch of Grandma’s handmade crochet.

Polka dots 

While 2019 was the year of leopard print,  2020 brings a new playful design into the mix — polka dots.   Designers have been going dotty this season. There have been many feminine dresses and tops covered in dots on the runways and we can expect to see designers mixing polka dots with other prints or with bold colors.

Hope you get some inspiration for what trendy tops to buy and pick up on some styling tricks to pull off the looks.  These are styles that we can easily add to our wardrobes right now.

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