How To Make Delicious Keto Matcha Tea

Matcha tea has a host of health benefits including boosting your mood, mind and immune system. You don’t have to shell out your hard-earned cash at a specialty café to enjoy this beneficial drink. Making keto matcha tea at home is simple and can become a fun part of your daily routine.

Choose Your Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a traditional Japanese green tea made from finely ground leaves that are then blended into hot water. While it has been around for centuries, the recent increase in popularity has made quality matcha tea easier to purchase. You can easily buy matcha tea powder online and have it shipped to your home. If you’ve never had matcha tea before, the taste can be described as a stronger version of green tea. If you don’t like the flavor of plain matcha tea, you can find flavored varieties as well.

Choose Your Fats

The keto part of a keto matcha tea comes from adding healthy fats to either prolong or induce ketosis. Ketosis comes with many health benefits including increased energy, decreased hunger, and weight loss. Coconut oil is a great option for adding to matcha tea since the flavors are complementary. Other great options are MCT oil or grass-fed butter.

Make Your Matcha Tea

Traditional matcha tea is blended by hand with a fine whisk made of bamboo. You can eliminate some of the work by using a blender instead, which also helps to create more uniform consistency with the fats. Simply put a cup of hot water, one serving of tea powder, and a tablespoon of your chosen fat in a blender and blend until smooth. If you want a more latte-like tea, simply replace half of the water with hot full-fat coconut milk or heavy cream.

Keto matcha tea is not only a tasty beverage but also an incredibly healthy one. Making keto matcha tea at home is your chance to have fun and experiment with an ancient power drink!

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