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During the recent Chinese New Year celebration, many of my relatives travelled back to Ipoh for a reunion.  It is always nice to see everyone and to catch up on life.  I have a few cousins who are residing in Singapore and they too came back for a get-together.  We chatted about their life over there, their views on the economy, the healthcare system and the education system.  It is very encouraging to know that my cousins are doing well and are happy with their life in their adopted country.   As a matter of fact, they started working there right after they graduated.    Then they applied for a work permit and started working on the island for many years before applying to become a PR of Singapore.

Some of us dream of greener pasture and better work opportunities.  My family and I have visited Singapore and we enjoyed our stay there.  If I plan to migrate to another country, Singapore is one country that I would consider.  It is an appealing destination for migration and its quality of life is one of the highest in the world.  Singapore is a bustling, world-class city and has been acknowledged as a global business hub.  It is one of the safest cities in the world, clean surroundings and not to mention, a shopping paradise.  Are you tired of your present job or want to look for a new environment?  Job opportunities, quality of life, safety and salary are just a few of the factors to consider when planning to migrate.  If you are interested in relocating to Singapore but are unsure how or what to submit an application, please read on.

Paul Immigrations Reviews

Everyone knows that the PR application process is not easy, time-consuming and can be rather intimidating.  There is much paperwork involve and one has to make sure that all the necessary and important documents are compiled before forwarding to the authorities for final submission.   This is where Paul Immigrations comes in.  They are a reputable and well-established immigration consultancy firm located in Singapore.   This specialist has helped over 15,000 satisfied clients to obtain their PR with a high success rate.

An immigration consultant is important as they can help and advise you throughout the process of obtaining the PR.  The consultant is fully trained and has knowledge of the requirements of applying for a PR.  You can rest assured that the consultant will be there every step of the way throughout the whole process.  So, how does the process of applying for PR work?  Please scroll down to read more.

The End To End Service

1:  Discussion On The Telephone Call

The consultant will first call the client on the telephone. This is to discover more about the eligibility of the applicant.  The consultant needs to know the type of work pass that the applicant will be holding such as S Pass, Employment Pass or Personalised Employment Pass.  Information such as whether the applicant has any family members who are Singaporeans or PR of Singapore, any on-going cases with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority will also be gathered.   The client’s profile will also be assessed during the telephone interview.

2.  One to One Appointment

If you are eligible to apply for SPR, the consultant will invite you to a one-to-one appointment.  This meeting is to verify and confirm that the information given earlier such as work pass is accurate.  A review of the client’s profile will also be carried out.  The consultant will also go through the details and factors which will affect the PR approval.  After this, the client can decide whether or not he/she would like to enlist the service of the consultancy.

3.  Documents Requirement

Upon which that you have decided to proceed with the team, you will then be asked to pass the required documents to the Immigration Specialist in person. Alternatively, you can also opt to scan and email the documents to the team. Once the specialist has compiled the documents, you will be advised if the documents that you have provided satisfies the PR criteria and requirements as per by ICA.  Thereafter, the specialist will ensure that the rest of the paperwork gets completed.

4.  Submission of PR Application

The application will be submitted online by the applicant personally. This means that at this stage you can opt to have the personal help of the specialist to do so. Hence, the whole process of the telephone interview until the submission would take an average of one to two months.

5.  The Outcome

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority takes an approximate time of four to six months to come to a decision on each PR application.

Paul Immigrations Reviews. Why choose them?

The PR application process can be tedious and the Singapore government has implemented a strict assessment process.  As such, it is harder to get the application approved.  When you engage these specialists to handle your application, you can be assured that you have all the information you need and they offer professional and efficient services by providing one-stop center for potential immigrants who want to become PRs.  They are here to guide you through each and every step of the process so that your submission is a successful one.

They have years of extensive experience in assisting their clients and have over 15,000 clients and counting.  Their staff has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to procedures and knowledge of local immigration laws.  These leading consultants are fast, reliable and effective.  You can rely on them to handle the complicated process, thus making it a hassle-free and easy one!

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