All the Places You Need to Know Now To Conceal Valuables

We all know that concealment gear can hide important belongings on your person, but where can you put them in your house where no one will think of looking? Toilet tanks and under mattresses are the first places a thief will check beside the dresser, closet and jewelry boxes. You need to think a little further out of the box to outsmart would-be burglars. Next time you need a place to stash something, try some of these ideas.

Bathroom Tiles

You can create your own hiding place behind a 3″ x 3″ tile. Cut a hole behind it and attach a plastic bin to the back of the tile. Once secured, just use a suction cup to pull it back out and retrieve your belongings. This spot may require that you keep your treasure in a waterproof bag, though.

Fake Electrical Outlets

Notice this has the word “fake.” You don’t want to try to cram your valuables into a working electrical outlet unless you want a shocking outcome. There are small wall safes that are meant to fit into the space a real outlet would go. Just be sure to try to match your existing ones so that it doesn’t stand out. 

Fake Electrical Outlet & Switch Stickers for Pranks Joke Funny | Etsy

Potted Plant

Create a safe at the bottom of a planter. Use a bin with a plastic lid that will fit in the bottom of your container. Glue your plant and some fake dirt on the top of the cover, and no one will ever know that your plant is camouflage for your valuables. Who says decorating can’t be functional, as well?

A Clock

While there are clocks you can buy that have a spot inside just for holding things that you don’t want others to find, you could use a real clock, as well. You’ll want to make sure you only put things that aren’t heavy inside where they won’t interfere with the timepiece. Make sure to keep the batteries changed, or someone might open it up to change them for you.  

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