How To Choose A Flower Girl Dress

Flower girls are also an important part of a wedding ceremony.  Your flower girl may be small, but she has a big job and that is leading the way for your walk down the aisle. As she has a unique role, a lot of thoughts are put into what a flower girl should wear.  Many brides opt to have these little ladies dressed in miniature versions of their wedding gowns. Some would have flower girls wear white dresses with sashes to match the bridesmaids.

Most of the flower girl dresses are satins, silk, organza and chiffons. From tiered skirts to floral accents, each style is cuter than the next.  The most important to keep in mind is to have the dress that works with the theme and style of the wedding. Choose a flower girl dress to match bridesmaids’ color, style, or length or even make a special little version of bridesmaids dress or bride dress.   If you do not want to match with the bridal’s gown shade but you can just add cute accessories such as ribbons, tiaras, baskets, and colored floral accents to express the feeling and mood of the bride and bridesmaids.

It is important to choose a fabric that is not easily wrinkled. Your little flower girls are most likely to play and wander around. Therefore choose a fabric that makes your flower girl stay neat and pretty.

Here are some other options available:-

  •  A colorful sash adds a beautiful pop of color to a white flower girl dress.  The color of the sash can match the bridesmaid dress to tie in the entire bridal party.
  • A flower girl can never have enough flowers. A floral dress adds a fun and youthful element.
  • Tiered skirts add the perfect amount of volume to a flower girl’s dress. It creates a lovely shape and adds a princess-like effect.  That is every girl’s dream.
  • Flower girls do not necessarily have to be in white. Lemon yellows, mint greens, and pretty pinks are popular choices. Candy-colored frocks perfectly complement the sweetness of these little girls. You can even match the flower girl’s dress to the flowers at the wedding!

There are many cheap flower girl dresses available online.  Children grow quickly therefore, it is usually best to place the final order two or three months before the wedding.  Ultimately, as long as your flower girl feels beautiful and comfortable in the dress you select, it is going to be a winner.

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