First Day Of School After Lockdown

Yesterday was the first day of school for children who are in Primary 5, Primary 6, all local, private and international secondary schools.  Missy was pretty excited and happy to go back to school after staying at home for 4 months.  She wasn’t grumpy yesterday morning when she woke up *chuckle*.

As the students are no longer allowed to eat in the cafeteria, food has to be pre-ordered online.  Come lunchtime, 2 student representatives from each class would go down to the cafeteria to bring the food up.  As this is a short week, I have been making and preparing lunch for her to bring to school. Will let her order food from the school on alternate week.  I will need to find more recipes on what to cook for her.

Missy told me that she is so happy to see her friends again but at the same time, sad that she cannot hug them.  All sports activities have been cancelled so this means that there is no PE, Aikido, and netball practice for her. I pray that everything will go back to normal soon for everyone.

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