The Best Hip Hop Accessories For Men

Accessories and jewelry have always been the easiest and most perfect way to level up and transform any outfit.  For those who are not fashion savvy, keeping up with the seasonal trends is the ideal way to go. Step up your hip-hop style game by preparing for the latest jewelry trends, which are fresh off from the Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Week runways.  Hip hop inspired jewelry can be rocked in a wide variety of styles and forms.  Below are the top 3 jewelry trends that you can adopt for your hip-hop fashion style:

Rope chain

A classic chain that should be in your jewelry collection is the versatile rope chain. The chain is characterized by strands set in a twisting pattern and usually comes in precious gold and platinum.  The rope chain would definitely add that needed swag to your outfit. The rope chain can be worn alone, layered on top of one another, or with blinged-out photo pendants to switch up your look.

Iced-Out Encrusted Jewels

Hip hop artists have embraced the ‘bigger the better attitude,’ and the more bling, the better for the longest time. Iced-out jewelry are diamond-encrusted pieces, are worn among hip hop’s finest artists like Jay Z who is often seen wearing his diamond-encrusted Yankee ring that he raps about in his ‘New York’ song. Iced out hip hop jewelry will take your hip hop jewelry swag to a whole new level. 

Round Cut Halo Eternity Band in Gold

Pendants Trend

Pendants are the most important trinket accessory in hip-hop-inspired jewelry trends They are eye-catching and demand attention with their chunky sizes and precious.  You better be styling your outfits with these pendants if you want to amp up your style game. Step out on the street with a silver Jesus piece, or embellish your next sweater outfit with a Lakers 24 jersey pendant.

Iced Lakers 24 Jersey Pendant in Gold

If you are someone who likes to rock hip hop jewelry on a daily basis, these trendy jewelry pieces from Helloice are your best bet. Find out more about the different types of hip hop accessories from their website. 

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