The Best Kitchen Knives You Can Buy Online

As most of us are staying at home now, this means that we are cooking more at home.  As such, upgrading the kitchen knives might be on most of our minds right now.  The knife is one of the most indispensable multi-tool in our kitchen.  We need it to slice and dice our meats and vegetables.  A great knife is a pillar on which a great meal is made.   What makes the perfect knife for you will depend on many factors.  This includes how comfortable you are with knives, the size of your hands, grip styles and what kind of food you would like to cook.

A high-quality knife that maintains a sharp edge and one that feels comfortable when you are holding it makes a huge difference when cooking.  Few people know it better than the professional chefs and those who cook a lot at home.

There are many options in the market today.  Despite that, quality is truly what matters to upgrade your cooking game and less about quantity. It is always a good idea to go with individual knife purchases rather than buying the bulk sets because it is easier for you to customize your knife collection to suit your individual needs.  A few quality knives are all any pro cooks need to more than cover their bases in the kitchen.

How to shop for essential knives

There are countless knife options to consider so how do you determine the best investment for your needs? It is important to pay attention to the knives’ material and weight, as well as how you plan to use and what you hope to spend on it.  Quality knives typically come in high carbon steel, stainless steel, or a composite of both materials. High carbon steel knives hold a sharp edge but will rust and pit if not taken care of whereas stainless steel knives do not hold an edge but they are easier to care for.

If you are interested in a high carbon knife, then you must check out this 7” Cleaver from Tuo Cutlery.  This Black Hawk 7-inch Cleaver Knife is perfect for cutting meats and vegetables with ease.  It features a deep blade that allows you to use it as a food transfer. Made with special-forged high-carbon stainless steel with a precise vacuum heat-treatment and nitrogen cryogenic tempering, this cleaver ensures you the superb hardness, flexibility, and lasting performance. A forged knife is formed from a single bar of steel, which is heated and then pounded into shape and it is typically heavier. This high-carbon 7″ cleaver is much durable and safer to use. 

Another good buy is the 8″ Chef’s Knife which is the knife that you would use for almost every task in the kitchen.  This all-purpose Black Hawk Series 8 inch Chef Knife from Tuo Cutlery is a combination of practical functionality and beauty.  It features a special-forged high carbon stainless steel with vacuum heat treatment and nitrogen cryogenic tempering to ensure superb hardness, flexibility and lasting performance.  From chopping meat to dicing vegetables, a versatile chef’s knife is a kitchen workhorse that will be indispensable for years to come with a sturdy, eight-inch blade.

The knife is one of the most basic kitchen tools in existence.   Since it is so fundamental, it is worth spending the extra time and energy to find the best kitchen knives and the place to look for them is at Tuo Cutlery.
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