Top Engagement Ring Trends For 2020 / 2021

Just like wedding dress trends that flow with the fashion movements of the moment, jewelry styles come in and out of trend too. This is also true when it comes to engagement ring trends.  With social media and celebrity influence stronger than ever, many women are looking for something to make their engagement ring stand out from the crowds.

Shopping for an engagement ring can be completely daunting if you do not know where to begin. With so many factors to consider like stone shape, gemstones, setting styles, vintage or new, the number of potential combinations is almost infinity. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices you can make. So whether you are choosing your own engagement ring or looking for inspiration for the perfect piece to match your heartfelt proposal, do scroll ahead to check out the latest trends and find out which engagement ring is going to hold its own in the style stakes.

Among all of the gemstones to choose from for your potential engagement ring, an opal engagement ring with its celestial vibes will feel truly magical.

Gemstone engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. If you are pondering one, why not consider a shimmering moonstone engagement ring? This type of gemstone is known for its calming and balancing energies and comes with a gorgeous iridescent sheen.

One of the most unique gemstones available, alexandrite is known for its ability to change color when viewed under different light sources. Alexandrite is extremely rare and can be very valuable. An Alexandrite engagement ring is ideal for brides who want something especially one-of-a-kind.

From bold colored gemstones to micro-bands and minimalist cuts, the old saying that ‘size isn’t everything’ certainly rings true when it comes to looking ahead to engagement ring trends in 2020.  Hope you get inspired by these stunning engagement rings for 2020 and beyond that will be more swoon-worthy than before.

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