Cooking Budae Jiggae or Korean Army Stew With Kimchi

So, ever since I started my K-drama journey, I have been trying out Korean recipes.  I can’t cook to save my life so I try to have Korean food whenever I go out like Korean fried chicken or Korean BBQ which are also my family’s favourite (Thank God!).

Not too long ago, my friend posted her Budae Jiggae (a fusion dish that incorporates processed meats such as Spam, ham, bacon, and hot dogs into a Korean stew with kimchi) on Facebook so I asked her how to make that because anything soupy is my favourite food.  She used kimchi for the stew and add in mushrooms, cabbage, tofu, meat and etc.  It turns out that she makes kimchi and sells them at RM15/kg.  So I ordered 2 kgs of kimchi from her and got my ingredients ready for my Budae Jiggae.

As missy is not a fan of kimchi stew, I got a packet of Korean noodles and added some kimchi for her.

The packet of Korean ramen and 500 grams of kimchi from my friend.

Missy’s kimchi noodle

My pot of Budae Jiggae which consists of shitake mushrooms, enoki, tofu, cabbage, fish cake, pork balls, pork slices and beancurd.  I just boiled a pot of water and added all the ingredients in.  Once the pork balls are cooked, I put in the kimchi and boil for another 5 minutes.

Here is my bowl of delicious, spicy Budae Jiggae.  So satisfying especially on a rainy day!

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