How To Give Your Home A Quick Update

Did you just move into a house and would like to give your home an updated look?   Total makeovers require a lot of money, time and skill.  So what do you if you would like to upgrade your home without breaking the bank?  There are some small changes that you can do which offers a big impact like changing your home’s hardware.  Do you know that things like doorknobs can completely alter the aesthetic and tone of any room? Best of all, you can even do it yourself within a few hours. 

Doorknobs and door handles are one of the most ‘used’ items in a home.  The door knobs have probably seen better days from all the wear and tear they see on a daily basis.  Whether it is the bedroom, bathroom or front door, replacing the door hardware can give a home a modern look.  Besides that, replacing doorknobs can also improve the security and safety of your home.

There are a variety of doorknobs on the market today.   Scroll ahead to find some the high-quality and affordable Emtek door knobs on Direct Door Hardware that will give your home the style and substance you are looking for.

Emtek Modern Round Door Knob with Modern Rectangular Rosette

Round Knob with Modern Rectangular rosettes is simple and stylish.  This modern industrial look makes a huge visual improvement.

Emtek Freestone Door Knob with Urban Modern Rosette

Emtek Freestone Knob with Urban Modern Rosette in brass is stunning and complements both traditional as well as more contemporary style.

This simple and sleek Emtek Square Knob with Neos Rosette doorknob  is perfect for an ultramodern or minimalistic home.


If you prefer a traditional rounded doorknob, check out this Emtek Victoria Door Knobs with Regular Rosette.  Available in a variety of finishes – bronze, nickel, brass to complement your home’s layout.  

The above doorknobs from Direct Door Hardware are aesthetically pleasing and easy to install.  Replacing doorknobs in your home does not require a lot of time or investment and small changes like this can make a great impact on your home. You will have a fresh, updated interior look in no time at all!

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