A Beautiful Surprise From A Dear Friend

Christmas is less than 2 months away and usually we would bring out our Christmas tree and decorate it.  This year, I don’t have the mood to do anything because of the pandemic. Meh.  Hubs and I have been pondering if we should bring out our Christmas tree or get a new one which is bigger but no decisions have been made.

Then on Saturday, I received a pleasant surprise from my dear friend, Sasha.  She sent me a beautiful Christmas wreath that smell so nice.  This voluminous wreath is embellished with real flowers, berries, a touch of green and gold leaves with strands of pink strips.  Not sure what those are but they all blend in to give this wreath a festive feel.

The gorgeous Christmas wreath is now hung on my front door.  I love the the warm, wintry shades of nature, while the blinking lights provide a welcoming glow.  It has certainly brought some cheer to our home.   The beautiful wreath is from Femperial Gifts, an online flower delivery and gift shop that offers a spectacular range of flower bouquets and customized gifts such as illustrations, baking goods and calligraphy.  The tailored arrangements are created by their exceptional team with a diverse background.

Look how beautiful this Christmas wreath is on my door.  Just for fun, I have added one of my favorite Christmas songs in this video.

Thank You Very Much Dear Sasha for your thoughtfulness and Thank You Femperial Gift for the festive magic!   If you want to spoil someone close to you or just want to surprise them by being nice, head over to Femperial Gift, your reliable KL flower delivery service.

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  1. Sasha says:

    Glad you like it Barb ❤️

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