The Importance Of Choosing Organic Skincare

I do not use a lot of makeup but I only leave my house when I put on my eyeliner, draw my eyebrow and put on my lipstick.  My skincare routine is very simple and I only use a rather basic range such as face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen and serum which I use at night.  As such I am very particular about the products I put on my skin.  I read the labels before purchasing and I do not buy products that are loaded with chemicals because this can damage my skin.

Clean skincare with ingredients that are found in flower, vegetables and fruit offer restorative and protective qualities for our skin. All these ingredients are natural and are not mixed with synthetic fragrances or toxic preservatives.  Clean skincare will also protect us from UV rays and help to reduce dark spots and fine lines.  One such skincare company that offers organic skin care is Ofra Cosmetics, a leading manufacturer of professional skincare and makeup with over 24 years of manufacturing experience.  Ofra Cosmetics formulates and produce exclusive vegan skin care and makeup products in-house. It has a wide range of affordable organic products that can help to achieve radiant and glowing skin and at the same time, help protect the planet too.

If you are thinking of switching your skin care products, take a look at these natural skincare products from Ofra Cosmetics that you can use to replace the products in your current routine:-

Vitamin C Cleanser

This Vitamin C Cleanser has a lovely citrus scent that can wipe away dirt, oil and skin impurities. It is perfect for day and night.

After Make-Up Balm

This nourishing after make-up cleansing balm can remove the toughest makeup and is gentle on the skin.  Made with sunflower seed oil and vitamin E, this lightweight balm helps the skin to retain moisture and keep the skin looking youthful and radiant. Good for all skin types.

Royalty Vitamin C Moisturizer

This smooth hydrator is lightweight, velvety and make your skin feels like royalty. It is loaded with Vitamin C to help correct dark spots and get your skin glowing.  This moisturizer helps to protect the face from the sun, future breakouts, and moisture loss.

Vitamin C Serum

This serum is made with 25% of L-Ascorbic Acid which makes it the ultimate intensive Vitamin C treatment. Suitable for combination, oily, and acne-prone skin, this non-oily formula promotes the formation of collagen for a healthy, even skin tone.  It  will also reduce fine lines, treats dark spots, discolorations, and sun damaged skin cells.

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