Happy Niu Year Everyone

Today is Chor 4, Day 4 of the Oxpicious New Year.   This year’s Chinese New Year celebration is very different for most of us.  We couldn’t travel back to Ipoh to celebrate like how we have been doing for as long as I can remember.  When I was a kid, I looked forward to the CNY because my family will make our way to my aunt’s for a gathering and my cousins and I will play all day while receiving angpows.  When I grew up and have my own family, we would travel back to Ipoh on Chor 1 to my aunt’s house and celebrate with all my relatives.  There will be a buffet lunch for everyone. At night, I would have Reunion dinner with my dad and family.  The good memories.  We will definitely have a grand celebration when the pandemic is over.

For our Reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year, there were only 4 of us (me, hubs, missy and mother-in-law).  Usually we would have a reunion dinner with hubs’ older brother and his family and also his cousin and family.  This year we ate at home and ordered a Pun Choy which is our first time.

The Pun Choy is a bowl consisting of mushrooms, sea cucumber, prawns, duck meat, abalone, chicken and napa cabbage simmered in stew gravy.  Our version is small and there was no roast pork.  We added another can of abalone to the Pun Choy.

We also had grilled Yong Tau Foo and Samgyupsal Gui, which is grilled fresh pork belly.

Dinner was good but less merry this year.  Nevertheless, we are thankful that everyone is safe and healthy at home.

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