Hip Hop Jewelry Trend For 2021

Remember the 90s fashion?  The decade that was ruled by hip hop and skate culture? Well, the 90s never did leave us. The revival of tie-dye t-shirts and influx of sneakers everywhere for the past few years suggest so.  Having said that, it is not just the fashion we are talking about.  Fashion always comes back around, even in the world of jewelry. It is no surprise that we will be seeing a lot of returns from the beloved 90’s in this year’s mens jewelry trend.

The heavy-duty gangster chains sported by rappers in the 90’s are the latest haute accessories.   These flashy accessories are a must-have for celebrities who are associated with hip hop and those who are not as well.   Influenced by streetwear style, mens choker chain also dominated the menswear runways.

Designers have also unveiled a whole men’s jewelry collection of cuban link chain that is a type of chain featuring flat close-set links with thick texture that was made popular by Tupac, LL Cool J and a host of other rappers shimmering from head to toe in bling blings.

Gold mens chains are a symbol of wealth.  It is also a symbol of their achievement, hard work and a way to express their attitude.  This jewelry is also decorative and make one stand out from the crowd.

Many people look up to their favorite hip hop artists and often find themselves wanting to emulate their style, from clothes to  their trendy jewelry choices. With fashion trends moving fast, you probably may want to update your hip hop jewelry collection with the latest pieces. Here are some of the mens jewelry you can find at Helloice, a trusted name when it comes to jewelry for men and women. They have an array of chains at pocket-friendly prices.

The Chain

The chunky chain will always remain prevalent in the hip hop industry, and now artists are getting more creative with their updated chain style and pendants.  This white gold chain for men is 26″ in length and made with beautiful 18K white gold finish.  You can mix different length chains and wear it under or over your shirt.


In the hip hop circle, everyone wears earrings. Earrings for men have always been popular in the hip hop jewelry market, and they add to your whole ensemble. From custom hoop earrings to iced studs, there are options for men and women.

Iced Earring in Gold


Pendants are becoming favorite pieces of jewelry among modern men.  There are many mens pendants to choose from such as animal motifs, religious motif pendants, dog tags and more.  These chain pendants for men look especially cool & casual on link chains.

Add some jewelry to your cart now  to help you stand out from the crowd!

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