Tips for Boosting Your Confidence

It’s difficult to do everyday things and remain confident throughout everything you do. So often, negative thoughts intrude and self-criticism invades everything. Some awareness and the actions you decide to take can help you cast away doubt and raise your self-esteem.

Positive Self-Talk

How do your daily actions make you feel? Even if you’re doing “healthy” activities, maybe you’re approaching them in ways that don’t support you. For example, if you begin a bike ride by engaging in negative self-talk about your lack of endurance, you might be more likely to use anything that goes wrong as support that you are weak. Everyone has weaknesses alongside strengths, but it doesn’t benefit you when you equate those shortfalls with your whole identity. List the talents you have, the compliments you receive, and the activities you enjoy. Build up positive self-talk.

Looking Your Best

Sometimes, you’re not comfortable with your appearance. You can do many things—large and small—to feel more official, more self-assured, or just more satisfied with how you look when you work with and spend time with other people. Change your wardrobe so your clothing both fits well and gives you the sense of professionalism you want. Add some hair color Westchester County NY to revitalize your appearance or express yourself differently. Experiment with different styles, but trust your gut feelings.

Preparing for What You Can

When you feel prepared, it’s a lot easier to silence your doubts. If you like to plan things, make sure to always have a weekly planner on hand and some notepads. You can make it fun by purchasing planners with your favorite designs. As you make plans, keep in touch with everyone who is involved and come up with some alternatives. Imagine worst-case scenarios, but don’t let them take up too much mental space. Over time, whether things go as planned or not, review your successes. Remind yourself of what you’ve done well, and keep going.

Remember to check in with yourself throughout the day. Celebrate the things you’ve done well.

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