Bottle Brush To Use For Cleaning Reusable Bottles

Drinking a lot of water every day is beneficial to our health.  When I go to work daily, I would bring my own 1L water bottle.  Missy also brings her own water bottle to school.  She would also bring the bottled water along when she goes for her skateboarding class.  Having her own water bottle is better than buying mineral water at the convenience store. With a water tumbler, we can take it anywhere while staying hydrated.  We can also save money as well as reducing the carbon footprint by not contributing to plastic waste.  A water bottle is such a handy and useful item that we bring along almost everywhere. However, there is one thing that the water bottle cannot do is to wash itself.

Do you know that our water bottles can harbor a lot of germs and are the best environment for breeding mold growth because of the dark, damp environment that our water bottle provides?  I am very fussy when it comes to cleaning our cutlery, utensils, and especially the water bottles or tumblers.  Although we clean the bottles every day, we may not clean them thoroughly.

Plastic Handle Nylon Bottle Cleaning Brush

Once I took a peek into missy’s water tumbler and found that the ring around the cap was filled with black mold.  I was aghast and quickly soak the cap in soap water for an hour and vigorously cleaned it with the brush which I bought from the market.  Alas, I couldn’t remove the mold because of the tight space around the lid and I eventually threw the bottle away.   The ring of black mold touches the mouthpiece of the water tumbler and the thought of missy drinking from it every day is enough to make my stomach churn.

Luckily I discovered some bottle brushes that I can use to clean our bottles more efficiently.  They are the bottle cleaner beaker brush from Aoqun.  These bottle brushes are spiral wound onto groove finished hardwood handle or sturdy plastic handle for good grip. They feature heavy double-tufted ends that can provide a thorough clean on any of the drinking bottles.  Aoqun’s brushes are available in different sizes and lengths to suit an array of water bottles.

Bottle Cleaning Flask Brush

bottle cleaning flask brush

These bottle brushes also come in different heads such as cotton head, plastic tip, fan shape head and more, to suit the different cleaning needs.

Round Conical Erlenmeyer Flask Brush

Round Conical Erlenmeyer Flask Brush

I personally like this Round Conical Erlenmeyer Bottle Brush as it shaped curved and features an angled handle that bends to fit the shape of a curved bottle.

Aoqun is a professional brush company that manufactures a wide selection of high-quality premium cleaning brushes, bottle brushes, medical surgical instrument brushes and others which are widely used for kitchen cleaning, coffee machine, medical instrument, music instrument, industrial tube, pipe and more.  Their products are manufactured using German automated production machine and undergo strict quality control.

When looking for the best water bottle brushes, you have to make sure that they do the following:-

  • Help to get into tough to reach spots in the bottles
  • Bristles that are soft but tough to provide a deep cleaning without scratching any surfaces
  • Able to reach and clean the crevices of bottles and lids that regular sponges cannot reach.
  • Have long handles and flexible bristle heads
  • Brushes that are antimicrobial
  • Comfortable handles are non-slip even when wet

You can find all the above features from Aoqun’s brushes.  To make sure that you are drinking from a safe clean bottle, wash them with Aoqun’s bottle brushes for peace of mind.

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