Sheldon My Mischievous Husky

Here is an update on my new furbaby, Sheldon.  Turns out that he is another rascal who goes on a rampage when we are sleeping at night.  So far he has bitten 2 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of slippers, uprooted my mom’s flower plant and a cactus plant, damaged 2 umbrellas and tore away the plastic sheet that we use to cover our bicycle.  Oh and he also bit the plastic pail that we use to scoop out water as well as the cover of the big black plastic pail for storing water.

Below are some of the mischief Sheldon has carried out.

He can still pose for me next to the damaged umbrella.

My plant.

We put this new plastic pot up on the shelf and he managed to bring it down and bit the plastic bag.

Sheldon looks innocent but looks are deceiving.  I cannot believe that Cooper is now a good boy compared to Sheldon. He had his fair share of mischief too and I have blogged about it here and here.  Huskies are friendly, outgoing and affectionate.  They do not make a very good guard dog but they do look intimidating because of their appearance.  Huskies are very mischievous and stubborn, often ignoring commands and do their own thing.  So having 2 huskies at home is like having 2 teenagers.

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