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Many years ago we were staying in apartment which has a small balcony.  The size was about 8 feet x 3 feet and I would fill up the balcony space with lots of green plants.  I love going to my balcony as being surrounded by the green plants is so calming.  Once I became a mom, I did not have time to take care of them and I have to give my plants away. 

Now that I am staying in a landed property, I still do not have many plants as I don’t have a patch of grass on the driveway.  My mom would have pots of Adenium plants and pink Bougainvilleas.  Occasionally I would buy some green potted plants but they do not last long. I wonder what happened to my green thumb. When we welcome our furbabies into the family, I cannot have anymore plants as Buffy used to dig them up.  Cooper did the same too and now Sheldon has been digging up my mom’s Adenium plants.  Luckily he only dug up 2 pots and not the rest of them.  When Sheldon dug out the soil from one of my mom’s Adenium plants, I left the pot outside my house.  After a week or so, the plant was stolen.  The thief dug out the plant and left the pot behind. I am speechless that there are people who resort to stealing plants. Sometimes, I would buy succulents and put them on the patio table.  Pray that the inquisitive Sheldon won’t be able to spot them and bite my plants.  

After seeing my friend, Elaine sprucing up her garden and buying plants I became interested again.  She gave me a pot of fern about 2 weeks ago.  Ferns are one of my favourites because I love the long big green leaves. I saw an online plant seller on FB in one of the groups and fell in love with the plants.  I ordered 2 potted plants and they are :-

The 2 plants were delivered by the courier service – Lalamove.  They were picked up from Sg. Buloh to my house and delivery cost is RM18.  Expensive huh?  I wish the nurseries near my house will be opened soon so that I can visit them and buy more. Buying plants online is very convenient especially during lockdown when the nurseries are closed. However, I just don’t like paying for high delivery charges.

This is the Boston Fern which I hang up so that Sheldon cannot get to it. It cost RM18.

The one on the left is the Fern plant that was gifted to me by my friend.  The right post is the Thaumatococcus plant which cost RM15. Nice? These pots are outside my house where I have a small planter box near the grill.  

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