Happy Halloween

A tradition that I started a couple of years ago, I always try to take a photo of missy in Halloween costume eventhough there is no trick-o-treating.  It’s fun to think of some creative ways to dress up on this spookalicious day. Since Squid Game is trending now, I came up with a Squid Game costume and got her to dress up as the Squid Game doll.  I used an orange paper bag and got her to wear it over a yellowish t-shirt. Then I tied her hair up in two ponytails. I superimposed her photo onto the Squid Game image that I found online

Here are the past years Halloween costumes that missy had dressed up as.

A witch with a mask in 2020 as we’re in a pandemic.

Dressing up as Boba Tea for Halloween in 2019 as it was and still is her favourite drink.


Dressed up Buffy as a Starbucks Frappucino aka Buffycino for Halloween in 2017.


As Lucinda a witch using black garbage bag and a broom

IMG_20181029_2Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad Halloween Costume 

A laughing mummy for Halloween using napkins and toilet paper

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