What Is Zorbing?

A few years ago, missy’s school organized a funfair to raise funds for the school. There were many activities such as food stalls being set up to sell food, stalls for games and etc. One thing that caught my eye was several huge balls placed in a big inflatable pool of water.  People can roll inside these transparent plastic balls that are inflated.  This activity is known as orbing or zorbing. We were intrigued by these quirky-looking balls and of course, missy wanted to have a try.

What are zorb balls?

The zorb ball is a huge inflated plastic ball that looks like a giant hamster ball.  Made with durable PVC, it is highly flexible and are great for bouncing on water, land, snow, ice and grass.  As a matter of fact, they can handle almost any surface no matter how slippery or bumpy they might be. There are a few different types of activities that can be played using zorb balls. People have been creative with the ways they use zorb balls and have come up with many fun games.

In order to go into the ball, one has to slide in through a small opening with some assistance. Some zorb balls have one entrance and some have two. Once inside, a person on the outside will pump it with air using a blower to inflate the ball and it is zipped up by a waterproof zipper.  Then the fun begins where one can walk inside the ball and roll on water. The direction where you want to go to will be decided by how you balance the ball. This activity of ball rolling is awesomely fun. If you like to indulge in an adventure activity that will keep you gripped and excited from the start till the end, then zorbing is what you need.

transparent zorb ball

Dry Zorbing

Orbing or zorbing can also take place on dry land and these activities are rolling down the hill or somewhere with a natural incline using zorb balls. This fun-filled sport can be done by yourself or together with another person inside the zorb ball. The giant inflated PVC ball is designed to bounce around and it is a thrilling activity that allows you to move or slide around inside the ball while rolling downhill.

The zorb ball has soft PVC padding to ensure a comfortable and supportive environment for your ride. Riding inside the ball is akin to being in a super-thick bubble wrap, with one ball inside another and an air space between the two. You will be securely strapped to a harness in the inner ball to protect you from any bumps.  However, you will still be experiencing a free-fall sensation. In some places, zorbing is being done on sand dunes as well.  Each of these orb balls can fit two people, making it a great experience for couples and kids to play. Rolling down the hill in an inflatable ball may look bizarre and it is definitely out of the ordinary!

transparent zorb ball

Bubble Soccer Or Body Bumpers

For those who love playing a game of soccer or kickball, then they may find Bubble Soccer fun. It is an interesting and enjoyable version of the popular sport. The best thing is that you do not have to be a pro to play it.  All that is required are a group of friends or family members and special zorb balls to have a good game of Bubble Soccer.

This is a game where the player’s upper body is enclosed in the giant inflatable zorb ball filled with air.  Only the legs are exposed which the players will use to play the game. The players will be divided into 2 teams and try to gain control of the ball.  With the zorb ball strapped around the midsection of the body to above the head, this game is not as easy as it looks. It will be hilarious to watch as the players try to find and kick the soccer ball. There will be plenty of falling to the ground as the opponent party will try to knock you off your feet and then try to get back up.

big hamster ball for humans

All these games should always be done under supervision because you need help to get out.  If you enjoy these types of thrilling games, you can check out your local sport activity organizers to find out where you can have some fun with zorb balls, whether on land or on water.  Zorbing games are great for birthday parties or team-building events.

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