Learning Life Skills Through Online Food Games

The pandemic has disrupted the lives of everyone in the world and changed how everyone works, plays and learns.  Many people have to work from home, schools are closed and many major events and social gatherings are either canceled or have a limited number of people in attendance.

I was working from home for a couple of months and then went on to hybrid working days when the Movement Control Order was lifted.  Schools were closed from March onwards and Ashley did her classes online from 8.30am to 4.30pm daily.  Facing the computer all day for 5 days a week and not being able to go out because at that time she has yet to be vaccinated, took a toll on her.

Luckily she found a new hobby that she can do on weekends and that is cooking some simple meals.  She learned how to stir fry noodles, stir fry vegetables and pan-frying some meat dishes. Sometimes, she even makes some roti paratha meal after watching the cooking videos shared on TikTok. By learning how to cook, it takes her mind off the boredom and it is also a life skill that will benefit her in the future.  Since she enjoys cooking very much, she told me that she wants to learn baking next.

Recently I came across CulinarySchools.org which is highly informative, educational, and entertaining. This website is filled with wonderful information about cooking schools and food careers. I find it very useful in case Ashley is interested in going into this field. For those who are interested in a career in the hospitality industry, CulinarySchools.org has all the information about the culinary degree path to take, what are the top cooking schools in the US and anywhere in the world, the different types of careers in the food industry and more.

Besides all the above, CulinarySchools.org also has many fun food games for kids.  There is a collection of over 100 games on this website and they are so much fun to play. Ashley enjoyed some of the games here because they are related to food and cooking.  We both tried playing a few of the games and had an enjoyable time. Below are some of the games we played.

Broasted Chicken

I tried to catch the falling pieces of chicken by moving the bucket across and boy am I slow. I did not do well in this game obviously.

Yummi Fusion

This is a merging game where players merge together 3 or more adjacent desserts of the same type to the next dessert type. This game is quite addictive!

The Boiled Eggs

For this game, we have to boil the eggs in different pots and keep track of the right temperature for making hard-boiled eggs or soft-boiled eggs. It looks simple but let me tell you it is not, especially when you have to keep track of a few pots at the same time.  Ashley really enjoyed this game and it also helps her to understand that some things may look easy but it can be hectic when you need to juggle several things at the same time.

Mahjong Solitare

This is one of my favorite games – Mahjong Solitaire. It is a food-themed tile-matching game just like the classic mahjong solitaire.

Besides all these interesting games, I like that they have a collection of useful calculators such as the Workout Calculator where I can quickly estimate the total calories I can burn when I do different types of exercises such as walking, cycling and running. There are over 200 different exercises to choose from.

Its Measurement Conversion Calculator is very handy as I am always searching to convert tiny volumes like cups to ml or ml to teaspoons when I bake. I am definitely going to bookmark this site. Do check out Culinaryschools.org and explore what you can find there.

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