Best Ways To Style A Sweater This Season

It is the time of the year where we have to bring out all the thick clothing from the closet.  It is only natural that focus will be on knitwear especially when the temperatures dropping.  Sweater trends for this year are carried over from 2021.

If you are a little tired about your closet and want to know how to style your sweater or look for fresh pieces to brighten up those dreary winter days, well look no further than this guide below.  You will be able to find ideas on how to style cheap sweater for women.

With Maxi Dress

The over the top proportions of a chunky knit sweater and a long floor-sweeping dress instantly look high fashion. This is a great combination during the winter since it keeps the whole body covered and you can easily hide additional layers underneath the dress like a fleece-lined leggings.

STYLECASTER | How To Style Oversized Sweater

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Pair With Combat Boots

Combat boots add a grunge look to the ensemble.  Go for a sweater with joggers, mini skirts, cargo pants or legging with these boots.

a black oversized turtleneck sweater, a leopard mini skirt, white combat boots and a white bag

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With Bright Pants

A head-to-toe colorful look works throughout the year.  Pairing a simple neutral color sweater like this with a bright colored pants are perfect if you want to stand out and look good.

Pink sweater and red pants

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Wear With A Collared Shirt Under The Sweater 

Layer a collared shirt under a sweater.  This is a casual and chic look that will keep you extra warm with another layer.

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Pair With A Chunky Belt

Throw a chunky belt over the sweater to create an exaggerated silhouette. The more fabric that hangs over the top, the better it is.

STYLECASTER | How To Style Oversized Sweater

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Go For Monochromatic Ensemble

Sweaters come in every color of the rainbow so pick a few your favorites and start looking for matching bottoms. This is like a cozy and casual pairing that is an alternative to wearing a suit.

STYLECASTER | How To Style Oversized Sweater

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While the way you style these pieces may come and go with trend cycles and seasons, these womens clothing online remain timeless because there are so versatile. Whether you prefer a cable knit or a colorful pattern, you can always use a wide belt or knee-high boots to pair it.  If you do not already own any of the above sweaters, now is a good time to purchase a high-quality style from Berrylook and wear it at least a few times each season.

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