Where To Buy The Best Water Dispenser In Malaysia

Drinking enough water every day is important for our overall well-being. Water keeps us hydrated and it is recommended that a person takes between 1L to 2L of water a day. This will keep us healthy and refreshed.  Therefore, many people choose to install a water dispenser in their homes.  Doing so will make it more convenient for everyone to drink the recommended daily intake.  What are the benefits of having a water dispenser at home?


​Having a water dispenser at home makes it easier for one to stick to drinking the required amount. All we have to do is just go to the kitchen and dispense a glass of refreshing water, no matter if it is a glass of warm water, cold water or room temperature water. 

Safe and good for health

Water dispenser offers filtered water that has harmful contaminants such chlorine and lead removed, keeping the natural essential minerals for our consumption.  One of the most important benefits of a water dispenser is that it provides us with easy access to clean, safe and healthy drinking water.

If you are looking for a Malaysia water dispenser, you may want to check out Thanos. This water dispenser brand is trusted by over 100,000 households in Malaysia. Besides being very easy to use and durable, Thanos water dispensers are very affordable too. For only RM65 a month, we can have clean water in our home.  The water dispenser features three different water types such as cold, room temperature and hot water. The water is dispensed from three different outlets. 

Malaysia water filter

How To Use Thanos Water Dispenser

  • Once the water dispenser is installed, it is connected to the tap water directly. 
  • Switch on the water dispenser machine.
  • Water will go through five filtration processes.
  • Press the switch to dispense clean water.

Why Choose Thanos Water Dispenser?

Space Saving

Built with an ergonomic design, this attractive Malaysia water filter machine is compact and will not take up a lot of space to give your kitchen a neat and organized look.  You can also eliminate the hassle of having bottles or jars of water around.  

Fuss Free

Thanos water dispenser has the right temperature for hot water and you do not have to boil any water in the kettle to make your coffee or any hot drinks. With just a touch of a button, you can have instant hot water when you need your caffeine fix. 

Less Clutter

There is no need to store bottles or jars of water in the refrigerator to keep the water chilled because the Thanos water filter machine can dispense water at exactly the temperature you want. You can also create your own mix of hot and cold water.  

Thanos water dispenser can transform your home’s tap water into purified, great-tasting water for everyday use with its high-quality Korean filters.  This water dispenser is available for only RM2,588 with multiple payment options and plans.  The normal price is RM2,988 so you get a savings of RM400 if you purchase now.  The Thanos water dispenser will be delivered to your doorstep for free and they also offer free installation by their experienced installers.  

If you want access to clean, safe and healthy water, hurry and place your order now. 

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