Hot Deli Food Ideas

Those who sell hot foods can always benefit from adding something new to the menu. This is true whether it be at a deli, grocery store, or somewhere else. Try out these ideas to get more customers to check out your recipes.

Warm Sandwiches

Cold sandwiches are great, but sometimes people want comfort food instead. Keeping those foods warm is key to keeping customers happy and coming back for more. After all, whoever wanted to eat a cold grilled cheese sandwich? Some sandwiches to try to keep warm can include French dips, hot ham and cheese, and burgers. Of course, make sure the sandwiches are not in a container that will trap moisture, as this will make the bread soggy and unappetizing.

Vegetarian Pasta

Most delis will have some kind of pasta on hand, either as a side or a main dish. However, it can be difficult for vegetarians or vegans to find a main dish that fits their dietary restrictions. Pasta is a versatile food that can be changed for either vegetarian or vegan diets. Some great vegetarian pasta ideas include broccoli alfredo, cheese tortellini with marinara sauce, and pesto pasta.

Various Side Dishes

Any good hot food merchandiser knows that sides dishes are some of the top sellers at any deli. Some of the most popular hot side dishes include mashed potatoes, potato wedges, and mac n’ cheese. While it is best not to mess with the classics, adding other options is a great idea. Try to incorporate jalapeno poppers, green bean casserole, or baked beans into your menu.

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Adding a rotating menu to your hot deli bar is a great way to keep customers exciting and checking to see what the new options are. By adding new recipes to the menu, you may add new customers to your business! Take customer suggestions as well to retain even more customers.

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