I Need These To Keep Me Going When I Work

I have this thing for inhalers and rollers.  It all started with the Peppermint Field inhalers that I discovered during my trips to Bangkok. A whiff of the peppermint smell can calm my nerves.  Every time when I go to Bangkok, I would stock up.  What is it with menthol inhalers in Thailand? There are available in all pharmacies and also 7-11.

I read online that the Thais use them daily to cover up the nasty smell in the city or to mask the pollution.  The inhalers and balms can revive the senses and increase energy.

I also like those balms that give a very strong minty and burning sensation like the Axe brand medicated oil. I discovered the Thai brand – Siang Pure Balm which also give me instant relief.  I found them from a seller at the market.

He also brings in other types of inhalers. The bottom of these tubes is a small compartment with the oils in liquid form. You can drop some oil into the inhaler when the smell is not so strong anymore.  The oils can also be used to relieve mosquito bites.

My stash of stress-reliever and pick-me-ups when I am at the office or at home. They are great to keep me calm when I buy bitcoin with cash. Need to focus on the task.

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