Branded Clothes For Less

Remember the stall that sells branded clothes at the market that I frequent?  Well, recently I found some good buys too.  This stall brings in brand new clothes from the factories in Bangladesh that produce clothes for brand names likeH&M, Monki, Zara, Mango, Kiabi, American Eagle, Esprit, New Look, Cheap Mondayand many other European brands. They are usually not many pieces per design though. If you would like to read about what I bought earlier, do click here, here and here.

I was over the moon to find these 2 denim dresses that are from New Look. Check them out below.

Puff Sleeves Collared Dress. Nice?

The tags are still intact.

I managed to find this dress on New Look website –

The other dress is this black acid wash ruffled denim dress.

Also found it on New Look website –

This is me doing a toilet selfie wearing the black acid wash denim dress.

Can you guess how much I paid for each dress?  RM35! What a steal right? I am always hunting for good bargains from this stall. Now, the lady boss doesn’t bring in that many clothes anymore which is a bummer. But once in a while I still managed to find some good buys. Can you tell that shopping makes me happy? I just bought some clothes from Ashley yesterday.  I will post again later.

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