My Favourite Kind Of Food

This week has been a short work week because of Labour Day and Hurry Raya. Was back to work on Thursday and boy was it a stressful one because I had to prepare a tender that is due next Monday. There are so many documents that needed to be typed and compiled. Thankfully the week is short and on Friday evening, hubs took us to have Korean food as an early Mother’s Day celebration.  

We decided to try Bulgogi House instead of Uncle Jang where we usually frequent.  Bulgogi House serves Korean Hot Pot and Korean BBQ.  The food served in all-you-can-eat style.  There is a choice of Miso soup or Kimchi jiggae.  We don’t have to BBQ our own meat as they can do it in their kitchen.  The BBQ platter consists of Tteok Kkochi, steamed Korean rice cake on skewers, sliced pork, sliced chicken and Tteok-galbi, marinated pork patty.  We were also served a plate of pancake and steamed egg.  

If we need more food, we just have to leave different coloured spoons for different types of food in the hanging basket on their wall.  They will check what we need and bring them to the table.  What a unique concept. Banchan (side dishes) are available at the self-served bar.  

The kimchi jiggae is my favourite with lots of vegetables and sliced meat.   

After a stressful short week, all these made it better.

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