Fear Of Heights

Yes, that’s me. I have this fear of sitting on a cable car, ferries wheel, crossing bridges such as overhead pedestrian bridges and hanging bridges as well as standing on top of a tall building and looking down.  I still remember the very first time I sat on a cable car in Da Nang and Thank God it was misty so I couldn’t really look out.  My friends were there to hold my hand and distract me so it was ok.  The second cable car ride was in Genting about 3 years ago.  I just sat there without turning my head to look down so it was ok too.

Recently we drove to Semenyih and visited the Sak Dato Temple.  There was a hanging bridge that connects the temple to the other hill and at first, I thought I would be ok walking on the hanging bridge. While walking out with hubs and missy, a man was shouting loudly at his daughter, telling her not to look down. That gave me anxiety and I could feel the bridge swaying with all the footsteps on it. I quickly turned back and waited for hubs and missy.

This bridge at Sak Dato temple is an instagram-worthy place.

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