What Are The 6 Decor Styling Secrets To Beautify Your Home

Among all the desires, everyone has one common thing: to live in a beautiful place. You don’t have to renovate your home as you can start with small changes. Stylish decor elements can be found easily, are affordable, and offer versatility. 

So, let’s look at six decor styling secrets to beautify your home. Let’s have a look!

  1. Sprinkle Some Fresh Greenery

Boho Botanical Foliage Wall Art

Connect yourself to nature to uplift your mood and any room’s visual appearance. The indoor plants require only minimal care and look very beautiful. Grow indoor plants in beautiful re-painted pots, ceramic pots, barn pots, pot hanging, etc. 

You can place a plant with large foliage adjacent to the sofa or in a decorative corner. Herb plants hanging in the kitchen and potted plants in the bedroom look amazing. Some of the most popular indoor plants are:

  • Bird’s Nest Fern
  • Pilea Peperomioides
  • ZZ Plant
  • Cast Iron Plant
  •  Philodendron
  • Spider Plant

2. Add Visual Interest on Walls

Are you staring at and living in rooms full of blank walls? Well, that’s a big NO! Instead, you should add effortless and attractive wall art to your space. Whether one-piece or several, they add color, texture, depth, and layering to your area. Then, you can try something energized like these fresh leaf wall art

Wall art on canvas, paintings, etc., looks very intriguing. They are available in every solution and range and are easy to install. Some suitable places to mount them are above any furniture piece like a sofa or bed on a large blank wall. They can also be mounted on a staircase wall, above a mantelpiece, or in the dining area.

3.  Bring in Decorative Lighting Options

Lights have warm colors, look attractive, and create a cozy feeling. You can choose from floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces, string lights, and other lights. Hang the ceiling light above the dining area. A side lamp would work well in the living room. Warm white and golden tones create the most serene ambiance and look timeless.

4.  Change of Fabrics

Gold Leaves Lattice Wall Art

Yes, a simple change of fabrics can do wonders for the overall look of your home. You can change cushion covers, table cloths, furniture covers, curtains, bed linen, etc., to something contrasting, bright, and striking. You must pair colorful fabrics with dark furniture and dark fabrics with bright furniture settings. To create uniformity, you can get all the elements to have the same colors.

4.  Throw a Pretty Rug

Visualize a rug with bright, Moroccan geometric print in the living room, bedroom, dining area, etc. This instantly upgrades the appearance of the floor and space. Rugs are available in all shapes and sizes and look very stylish.

In addition, they provide comfort to the feet. Always go for anti-skid and dust-proof rugs, which are quite practical. Round rugs also look very stylish. These simple additions to your space can make your room look expensive and trendy.

5.  Hang Artistic Tapestry

Tapestry instantly brings comfort, boho vibes, and charm to any room. A tapestry-like macrame, Celtic drawing, mandala prints, etc., looks simply gorgeous. You can hang them in a cozy nook, bedroom, or any adjacent wall.

Also, you can pair it with furniture like a console, etc. Tapestry celebrates art and adds a layer of warmth to your room. They are easily available both online and offline. You can also opt for a macramé wall hanging with a wooden rack and place books, small pots, etc., on it.

6.  Organize and Declutter

Organization and decluttering routines can make your space look trendy and attractive. So, get rid of extra stuff and organize everything in your home. It will instantly give you an idea about what sections you need to work on. So, incorporate these tips and notice the change!

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