Dad’s Birthday Celebration With Keto Cake

Last Saturday, we had a belated birthday celebration for my dad.  As usual, we had dinner at Noble Mansion, dad’s favorite restaurant. This year we decided to get him a keto cake as there is no sugar and also I get to eat the cake too *wink*.  We ordered the Keto Ondeh Ondeh cake from Suchan.

The top part is filled with coconut flakes. Super delicious and moist cake! I spoke to the Suchan last time about the ingredients she used for the keto cakes and she told me that she uses almond or coconut flour with lakanto.

It is green on the inside.  We couldn’t finish the whole cake that night and no prize for guessing who brought the rest home.

This is one of the dishes we had last night – Roast Portuguese Piglet.  It is super yummy but kind of sad to eat the piglet. We had a few other dishes such as braised vegetables with egg, steamed chicken, longevity noodles and another one which I have forgotten.

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