Bags Women Need In Their Wardrobe

If you don’t know already, besides shopping for clothes, I have a penchant for bags too. I love bags and have quite a collection too.  No woman in the world who would say one bag is enough for her. We all love buying bags and stocking up the closets with different types of handbags for different occasions.

If you are looking to give your give refresh your handbag collection and want to know what you should be looking for, here are the different types of handbags that you may want to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag is a classic and was highly popular in the 90s. They have made a comeback and are a must-have because they are stylish for work, dinner, parties and more. A shoulder bag is easy to carry on the shoulder or arm.

Crossbody Bag

This is another bag which has a fixed spot in a woman’s wardrobe. On days that you do not want to carry a lot of stuff and want to keep your hands free for more important details, you can opt for a crossbody bags. It is an ideal choice when you simply want to carry your cellphone, keys, lipstic and cash. The crossbody bucket bags are trending right now and this genuine leather mini crossbody bucket bag looks elevated and cool. The bucket silhouette lets you reach in and easily grab what you need.

If you prefer something smaller like a crossbody that only carries your cellphone, you can look for crossbody phone purse like this leather two toned messenger phone bag.

Tote Bag

This type of bag is probably owned by most women out there and is the most practical style in your arsenal. It is perfect to keep everything a woman needs. The open-top shape comes in handy in more ways than you think, from the office every now and then doubling as a smart carry-on.

Work Bag

The design, structure and practicality of a top-handle bag make it a classic choice as an everyday bag. Choose one in a neutral color and in a size that is big enough to hold your essentials as well as keeping your hands free by purchasing a style that comes with a removable shoulder strap.

The Everyday Bag

The most basic of your bag collection should be a bag in a simple style that is smart for work and also chic enough to match with your going out clothes.

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