Busy Busy Busy

I just realized that I haven’t been updating my blog for the past 2 weeks. No excuses but things have been pretty hectic at work and at home.  On top of working full time, I have some part-time work and also taking care of a household that consists of 3 people and 2 dogs. Every day there is a lot of poo and pee to clean and wash.

My furbaby, Sheldon, the naughty one likes to spring a surprise every now and then like the one below.  Woke up one morning to find that he has dug out my mom’s favorite plant.  This means that I have to put the soil and plant back into the pot and wash everything away. The soil is hard to wash as it leaves a brown stain.

I wonder when Sheldon will grow out of this digging phase and have less work for me.

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