Exam Month

Missy’s Cambridge exam started on the 17th of October and now, 11 days later, most of her major papers are done. The only ones left are Economics and Chemistry which will be on the 17th of November.  Last week was a marathon of exam where she had 2 papers a day for every day of the week. She seems more relaxed now. Phew!

In a few more weeks, she will bid goodbye to her school and friends. I think I want to cry thinking about this because my baby is growing up fast. She will be in college next year and the  3 years of undergraduate studies.

This is her going to school on the first day of the IGCSE exam. As usual she won’t let me take her photo but I managed to snap a fast one. She was screamed and said “Don’t post on Facebook!”. She has been lugging a heavy bag of textbooks and  a box that is filled with past years exam papers to do revision in school daily. I bet she cannot wait to give all these away to her cousin who will be taking over her books.

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