Stylish Men’s Gift That Will Impress This Christmas

Getting gifts for the men in your life is a bit tricky because they are hard to shop for. However, it does not have to be. Even if the man you are shopping for, whether he is your cool boyfriend, husband, brother, brother-in-law, grandfather or best friends who claims that he does not need anything or he already has everything, there are many unique and stylish gifts for men that will impress him. 

Jewelry may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you are making a list of gift (and checking it twice) for Christmas gift, but it can be a treasure trove of possibilities when gift shopping for men. Accessories make a huge statement and best of all, they can last a lifetime too. They are also make heartfelt and meaningful gifts.  

If you want to stay away from gimmicky gifts, you may want to check out some accessories for the men in your life. Below are some great gift ideas for men that you can buy from Helloice. Whether it is a bracelet, ring or chain necklace, they will surely appreciate the gift. 

Check out these picks to find the best gifts for guys on your list, whether they’re looking for quality men’s bracelets or just some new ways to accessorize their look in general.


For many men, a metal or traditional leather watch is all they need to complete their look.  For those who are ready to step up their style, bracelets can be a good option. Men can wear almost any kinds of bracelets as long as it looks appropriately masculine like a tennis bracelet. 

3mm 18K Gold Finish Single Row Tennis Bracelet


Many men have never worn any jewelry other than a wedding band but there are those who are completely open to consider bold men’s rings. The popular metals range from white and yellow gold to more unusual choices such as titanium and frosted steel. These rings for men are highly attractive and some also come with stones. 

Micro Pave Round Cut Band

Earrings For Men

Whether the men in your life wears one or two earrings, this holiday season is the good time to expand his ear jewelry wardrobe. Best thing is that you do not even have to worry about the size. 

Iced Sapphire & Black Stones Hoop Earring In Black Gold


Besides women, pendants that hang from chains are available in many styles that are suitable for men and boys. You can find themes such as sports, religion (cross), ice drip designs, numbers, alphabets and many more stylish designs in white gold, silver or gold. The pendant chain can be engraved with names and other information. You can have your guy’s name or his favorite sayings engraved on the pendant.

Baguette Cut Double

Neck Chains

A chain is a classic piece that never goes out of style and looks great on every man.  Rope, box and Figaro are among popular mens chain styles for men. 

2.5mm Stainless Steel Franco Chain

Once you have picked out the accessories, you may also want to check out Helloice apparel and add them to your gifting list if you think some of them are not into jewelries. 

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