My Birthday Gifts

I celebrated my birthday last week and received a pleasant surprise from my sisters and my friends. My sisters gifted me a lovely carrot caramel cake from Keesho and it was so delicious. Just what I needed as I was craving for some cakes. I find the caramel a bit sweet but maybe because I haven’t been taking any sweet food for a few years.  I am eating a slice a day and it is so so good.

Then later there was a delivery from Grab and my friends gifted me some Italian cheese and cured meat. The best gift for a keto-er like me.

It was an ordinary day for me and we did not go out for dinner. Saving my tummy for the coming Chinese New Year feasting. Below are the birthday messages from the gifts.

My friends like to make fun of the keto cakes that I have been eating and they said the cakes tasted like cardboards! But I do love the idea writing the messages on a recycled cardboard *chuckle*

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