Delicious Keto Low Carb Bread You Can Buy In KL

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I love bread and anything carbo. Since I am following the low carb way of eating for years, I have stopped eating carbs. I have tried baking my own bread whenever I crave for them but the texture is not like the usual bread. Over the years, I have been buying keto bread from online sellers. Recently I discovered Emi’s Cloud, a homegrown bakery that specializes in a range of delicious keto or low carb yeast bread loaves.

I ordered the Original and Cranberry Walnut loaves a few days ago and when they arrived, I was surprised to see how big the loaves are. Best of all, the bread tastes like regular ones.  Below is a list of low carb yeast bread that Emily is baking.

My original and cranberry walnut loaves.

I took out a slice each and spread them with butter. I love the texture of the bread and they have a tinge of saltiness in them.

I still have a few pieces of keto bread that I bought from another online seller and took it out for comparison. Can you see how big Emi’s Cloud bread is compared to the other piece?

Value for money right? So if you are wondering where to buy keto bread in kl, do visit Emi’s Cloud Facebook page here – and place your order.

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