Unique Gift Idea For Watch Lovers

If you are looking for a unique and practical gift for for someone who is into watch collecting or has many different types of watches such as mechanical and automatic ones, then you may want to check out a functional tool known as a watch winder.

Now what is a watch winder? It is a device that comes in a box of various sizes and it is designed to keep an automatic watch wound when it is not being worn instead of allowing the battery deplete.  A watch winder helps to the keep the date and time functions maintained when the watch is not being worn.  Besides these, a watch winder also helps to keep the mechanical gears of the watch lubricated. Doing so can extend the watch lifespan and ensure that the watch work accurately. This device is applicable only for automatic watches and has becoming popular in the recent years as many people collect more watches.

The winder can either be battery operated or plugged into an outlet with AC adapter. How a winder works is that it will replicate the movement of the watch worn on the wrist by rotating clockwise, counter clockwise, forward and reverse.

The Best Watch Winder Brand You Should Keep Under Your Radar

One of the best watch winder uk brands is JQueen that has a wide range of form, function and high quality products at affordable prices. This online retailer offers quality and well designed watch winders, safes, watch boxes and  jewelry storage boxes. It is a reliable brand with makes superb quality products which embody elegance and luxury. Below are some of the top watch winders from JQueen that you may want to check out.

Bamboo Single Watch Winder

If you are looking for a single watch winder that exudes class and gives a luxe-look, this bamboo watch winder is the best option. Not only is it meticulously made with high quality bamboo, it is good for the environment too. The leather pillow is soft and offers good protection as well.

Best Jqueen Bamboo Single Watch Winder

Here is a modern watch winder with contemporary design. Crafted beautifully with high quality wood, this JQueen watch winder features a luxe soft leather watch holder, acrylic panel with a luxurious black interior.

Best Sepano Wooden Double Watch Winder Black

For a person with a large watch collection, then this black quad watch winder will have the space to store and maintain four watches. Made with rich exquisite leather, it has a glass cover and additional 4 storage spaces in a drawer design to keep your watches. This watch winder offers 5 direction rotation. It can keep everything secured with its side buckle and lock design

Discount Jqueen Leather Quad Watch Winder Black

Featuring high quality Japanese upgraded Mabuchi motor that offer whisper quiet operation, JQueen watch winders will help keep the watches powered, aesthetically beautiful place to display the prized collection and also keep them safe.

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