Color Blind Lenses Are Available In Malaysia For Ishihara Test

A person who is color-blind has trouble with distinguishing some colors like red and green or yellow and blue. There are those who can only see black and white. Many jobs or professions such as dentists, doctors, policemen, pilots, design professionals, electricians and lab assistants as well as those related to the fashion industry require people with perfect color vision. Job applicants are required to take color blindness test.

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for color blindness or color deficiency. The good news is that there are special glasses or lenses that can help people to pass the color vision test such as the Ishihara test in medical exam and driving license test in Malaysia. These color vision lenses are available at Usj Optometrist in Taipan, Subang Jaya.

These lenses are available in the form of contact lens and ophthalmic / glasses lens. Those who need to go for exam will choose the contact lens option. When taken good care of, these color blind contact lenses will last for years as they are not like the normal disposable contact lenses which are easily damaged and run out of shape. The color vision deficiency contact lenses are “hidden” on the dark iris, and not easily noticeable even at close distance.

The contact lenses are medically proven effective & FDA approved. These lenses have the moon crescent laser engraving mark on them as proof of authenticity as there are many imitation products, especially on online platforms.

The color vision deficiency lenses are used to help pass Ishihara test as well as for performing most daily activities as usual. They will help produce almost similar perception as perceived by normal people. It will not affect the wearer’s visual acuity, yet it improves the contrast of their vision.

Usj Optometrist has ready stock for the color vision deficiency lenses for all level of colour vision deficiency. Those who are interested will undergo eye tests and trial fit with the color vision lenses to make sure they can pass the Ishihara colour plates test. They achieve 100% successful rate of helping many color vision deficiency people to pass the Ishihara test, in both Malaysian JPJ driving license test and in the normal medical exam.

For those interested to know more about the color vision deficiency lenses, please contact Usj Optometrist directly using any of the methods below:

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