My Favourite Kind Of Lunch

Last Saturday after sending missy to the dentist, we decided to have lunch in that area.  We normally have udon and kariage chicken at Sanuki Udon but that day missy said she would like to go to a cafe. So we headed to Red Kettle. She couldn’t remember this place although we have brought her there when she was younger.

We were lucky to get a table as Red Kettle is always full. Missy was surprised at the high price tag of the food and so was I. Anyway, we don’t dine there often so it’s ok. She told me that she will pay for her food because she has money which she saved from the one week’s allowance that I gave her. She’s in college now and I am giving her one lump sum per month to spend on food so she would have to manage her fund wisely.

She ordered spaghetti which is her favourite and also she said it’s cheaper than the others. She also ordered a cup of hot chocolate. There were not many things that I could eat there as I am on low carb so I opted for Shakshuka. I love anything that is soupy and has eggs.

Here’s my lunch and it came with a few slices of toast. I gave them to missy.

I also ordered a cup of cappuccino.

It was a good lunch and we had a nice chat. I love spending moments like this with her to chat about everything under the sun. Ever since she started college (which was only a week ago), I feel that she has grown up a lot.

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