My Naughty Husky Strikes Again

If you have been following my blog, you would know how naughty Sheldon is.  I have blogged about it here and here. A few days ago when I came downstairs, hubs said to me that I need to check outside the porch and there will be lots of work waiting for me to do. Guess what? Sheldon has dug a flower pot and pushed it all the way to the gate. Then he walked everywhere with his paws filled with soil. Aarggh! Can you imagine how dirty the whole porch is.

Look at his smudged face and dirty paws. I didn’t scold him because it is no use. Ashley showered him later that day. It turned out that my mom had added fertilizer to the pot and this fella could smell something in there and decided to dig everything out.

Look at that naughty face!

Cooper was like this too, always up to mischief but he has passed that phase. He used to bit and chew shoes and just about anything he can get hold of. He also loved to argue with me.  Now he doesn’t do all that but just remain as a clingy dog who loves attention.

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