My Daughter, The Animal Lover

Missy is missing her 2 dogs very much now that she is staying in the dorm and only comes home on weekends.  To ease her homesickness, she has been going around feeding the cats in the campus. Yes, there are many cats all over the campus and one stray dog. Missy has been buying cat food and feeding the cats whenever she sees them. She also bought a packet of dog treats and keep in her bag all the time so that when she spots the dog while walking around campus, she will feed her.

There are 2 cats that always hang around her dormitory. One is an orange cat named Rachel and the other one is a black/white cat. One day, after feeding the black/white cat, it followed her back to the dorm and guess what? The cat knows where she stays now. So one evening, missy heard some meowing outside her door and when she opened it, she saw the cat sitting there staring at her. Yup, the cat climbed up 3 stories to look for her. She told me that she didn’t have anymore food so she just patted the feline and off it went away. I reminded her not to bring the cat into her dorm as it is against the dorm regulation and she can get fined.

We sent her back to the campus last weekend and she spotted Rachel under the car. She wasted no time to call out to it and carried it. As you can see, Rachel didn’t look too happy about it. Missy has always wanted to have a cat as a pet but I said no because we already have 2 rascals at home. Don’t think they will be happy having a cat around.

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  1. Health Freak says:

    Awww, Rachel the cat is so cute… and smart! At least Ashley will have something to look forward to everyday – her feline friend waiting for her. 🙂

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