Korean BBQ Is The Best

Besides kimchi jiggae, my family and I love Korean BBQ, thanks to my addiction to K-dramas. There is just something about eating grilled meat wrap with lettuce and dipping into the tantalizing ssamjang (dipping sauce) and gireum jang (sesame oil and salt). These sauces will give your mouth an explosion of flavours as they enrich the taste of the grilled meat.

We love indulging in an endless supply of deliciously marinated pork belly together with unlimited supply of banchan. Our favourite go-to Korean BBQ restaurants is Sae Mae Eul. We have been trying out different branches in KL for their for their all-you-can-eat bbq. The price range is between RM32+ to RM37+ per pax.

Different branches will offer different banchan. The best we have tried so far is the Sae Mae Eul in Kuchai Lama. There is free-flow of ice-cream included which hubs and missy enjoy. Other branches do not offer free ice-cream. The most un-friendly Sae Mae Eul branch is the one in Sri Petaling. There is limited banchan and we have to pay for drinking water. At other branches, water is free.

Look at the variety of pork and chicken that are marinated with delicious flavours that coat the tongue.

The delicious aroma from the grill fills your nostrils and the taste will transport me straight to Korea. Mashita!

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