Callduck Coffee Shop Ipoh

We made a trip to Ipoh last week as missy is back for Christmas break. One of her intentions for this trip is to visit the Callduck Cafe. She saw this on social media and was looking forward to it besides meeting her grandparents and her aunts and visiting other new cafes in Ipoh. I was with my friends so my sister brought missy and my mum to Callduck Cafe.

(image taken from their Instagram page)

According to the posts on social media, this cafe has several callducks, a breed of domestic ducks that are kept as pet. Alas, there were only 2 callducks. There is no admission fee to enter the cafe but patrons have to order the food which are all duck-inspired. Since there were 3 of them that day, they had to place 3 orders of food. The pet zone where the ducks are is on the next level.

The 2 ducks are named chor yat and sap ng (according to the Chinese dates).

 I was told that this fella is kinda feisty. Maybe it doesn’t like all the disturbances from the patrons *chuckle*

The 2 fellas surrounded by duck plushies. Cute eh?

Here is missy taking a photo with the ducks. She dared not carry them.

If you are in Ipoh and would like to meet these 2 little fellas, do visit the CallDuck cafe.

33 Persiaran Bandar Baru Tambun 16, Bandar Baru Tambun, 31400 Ipoh, Perak

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