Short Trip To Melaka 2023

Last Sunday, we made a short one night trip to Melaka. The last time we were there was before the pandemic. We thought it would be fun to go away to a place nearby and hubs booked our stay at Wayfarer Guest House.

Sadly, we did not enjoy our short break. The hotel we stayed in was refurbished recently and it was our first time there. We booked a family room and it was very comfortable. The staff is very helpful but it was not well managed. We were not informed that we have to get our keys from the keybox on the ground floor.  We thought we would check in at the counter but there was none.

When we reached the hotel, we saw some guests mingling on the ground floor so we proceeded to go upstairs to find the check in counter and also where our room was located. When we reached the first floor, we saw their worker who is a foreigner, cleaning the rooms. He asked if we want to check in and we said yes but he did not say anything else. I did not see any check in counter so I told the worker that we want to check and what our room number was. Then he said he is still cleaning the room and we can leave our bags there.  There was no proper information given by the people who manage the Wayfarer Guest House despite them adding me into their whatsapp chat group.

The worst thing was that the room has zero sound-proofing. We could hear the other guests above us walking around, talking, taking a shower and even coughing! This went on until they go to bed at about 2am. Can you imagine the horror? Then their phone or alarm went off at 5.30am. Arggghh! What a bad experience it is to stay at Wayfarer Guest House. Mind you, we paid RM350 for a family room.  I told the people who manage the place after we have checked out. We will never choose this hotel again!

Food was equally bad in Melaka and because of the horrendous traffic, we did not drive out of Jonker street for food. Hubs tried one chendol and it was ok. We all stumbled upon some food stalls at the night market and had our dinner there because missy does not like Nyonya food.

The next day, missy and hubs want to try the chicken rice ball and there was no queue at Chung Wah Hainanese Chicken Rice shop which is just opposite San Su Gong shop. Alas, the food was really meh. Even the chicken rice shop in my neighbourhood taste a lot better. I cannot understand why there is a long queue for this shop.

This lunch cost RM37 and comes with 1 drink.

I think the best part of this trip to Melaka is the loud trishaw ride that missy and I went for. The last time she went on 1 was when she was maybe 7 or 8 years old. She chose this trishaw ride with Baby Sharks decoration as this trishaw man was the one whom we casually asked how much it cost. The ride was only about 8 minutes and started at the main junction to Jonker Walk to the red building and back. It cost RM25.

What was funny is that I told the trishaw man that I don’t want Baby Shark song during our ride. So he said he will play Chinese songs. I said NO and prefer Christmas songs, so he quickly fish out his phone and asked me to choose a song. I selected Last Christmas by Ariana Grande. He instantly connected it to his trishaw’s boombox and away we went with Ariana Grande blasting loudly.

He offered to take photos for us and here we are surrounded by Baby Sharks. Scary innit? I think we won’t be visiting Melaka for a while after this trip. There is really nothing attractive there.

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