Keto Cookies For Chinese New Year

I celebrated my birthday last week and I am so blessed to receive keto foodstuff from my  sisters and my friends. My friends gave me a bagful of keto goodies like low carb bread, keto teriyaki sauce, keto Hainanese chicken sauce, sugar-free peanut butter, protein brownie bar and 2 packets of konjac noodles.

I also received a set of Keto Swiss Roles from  They are super delicious!

I also received some keto cookies from my friend, Annie. The 2 tubs of cookies are from Marguerite Homemade Bakery.

Yummy keto cookies from my sisters. They are from Phoebe’s Bakery

My friend Elaine always bake peanut cookies during Chinese New Year and this year, she made these special keto peanut cookies for me that consist of peanuts, psyllium husk and stevia. They are super delicious.

With so many tubs of keto cookies, I can eat them slowly until Chinese New Year!

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