Stay On Trend With Y2K Baby Tees

In the fashion world, trending pieces often are a repeat of fashion from before. One of the them is the Y2K aesthetic like the baby tees that have been popular in the recent months. What exactly is a baby tee?

Well, baby tees are actually cropped T-shirts that are usually tight-fitting. These Y2k shirts feature shorter hemline and typically ends just above the waist. They were made popular by celebrities like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton back in the early aughts. Baby tees are worn with low-rise jeans and skirts that are slung on the hips. The baby tees often feature playful graphics and vibrant colors.

Today, these Y2K baby tees are still very basic and are part of the wardrobe foundations that work with many different clothing. It can be paired with denims, cargo pants or shorts.

Want to jump onto the ’00s fashion trend? Check out these trendy baby tees from Cherry Kitten, an online y2k shop that has a wide array of chic baby tees, accessories and more.

Cherry Bomb y2K Baby Tee

Taking inspiration from the past cherry-clad baby t-shirts, this Cherry bomb crop top is a new staple for your closet.  It is perfect for those who prefer a more low-key graphic, the plain-white tee features a punnet of juicy red cherries. It has a a midi-length, with a slim fit and regular sleeve drop.

Heart Balloon Chunky Shirt

The Heart t-shirts and cheeky slogan tees have made a comeback with the Y2K resurgence. This big heart balloon tee will show how big your heart is. Printed on 100% cotton fabric, it is available in white, black, oatmeal, grey, pink, purple and blue. Time to bring some romance on your next outing.

Certified Princess Lip Print Y2K Baby Tee

Can we get any more 2000s than this hot pink baby tee? This cutesy baby tee scores a 10/10 for millennial nostalgia and gets the thumbs up for adorability. The slightly cropped t-shirt features 4 girls with the word “Certified Princess”.  There’s no denying that wearing this graphic tee shows exactly who your tribe is and what your vibe is.

A Little Bit Dramatic Y2K Sweatshirt

You can also embrace the y2k aesthetic with y2k sweatshirts if you want something with a bit more coverage.  Has anyone told you that you are dramatic? Made from comfortable and durable fabric, this sweatshirt with bold wordings will help you to flaunt your “dramatic-ness” in the most stylish way.

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